Social Connections maintains a collaboration network aiming to provide social and business networking services and opportunities to fellow members and associates. Our mission is to create or manage a network of resources to help support business (senior leaders & providers), community (organizations and programs), or individual(s) and personal business needs.  

Prospective members include job-seekers, community organizations and other entities eager to collaborate for personal and professional aims. 


Social Connections offers a wide range of products and services including career management, placement, recruiting and networking. We:

  • Are a network that intersects the missions and goals of fellow business and community leaders, as well as professionals who are working to provide, meet and serve the needs of society     

  • Provide effective management solutions catered to members business and their products or services 

  • Work as a “third-party supporter” to all clients, participants and associates within the network according to service agreements 

  • Gather information, support and resources for clients within the network   

  • Provide executive level administration skills to all clients within the network 

  • Offer three (3) support plan options – Admin support, business support,  and community support 

  • Create customized and uniquely branded products such as personalized resumes, portfolios, professional profiles, ads, document process services, and endorsements to help members market their products or services and promote their skills /brands


Social Connections offers useful and competitive business products and services to help individuals and professionals work more efficiently and effectively.  We offer support for members in need of content to market personal or professional values, skills, brands and products.


Sample deliverables and collateral include (but are not limited to): 

  • Resumes up to a 3-5 page layout 

  • Professional profiles and portfolios up to 10 pages 

  • Business cards, brochures, advertisements 

  • Information guides 

  • Communication materials 

  • Personal assistant and management services 


Starter Package - Price Options Vary

  • 30 minute consultation including business/or career evaluation and product/or skills assessment 

  • Business/or Career Portfolio support (build, design, update, review, write) 


Promoter Package - Price Options Vary

  • 1 hour consultation- Management consultants vary 

  • Develop and/or promote skills, products or brand names 

  • 30 day business and/or career support (ideate leads, search, referrals, contacts) 

  • Advertisement and marketing support (telemarketing, direct marketing -mail or email) 


Manager Package - Price Options Vary

  • Information management (email, website, database)   

  • Human resources, career management and hiring support 

  • Program management, product management, service management  

  • Manage digital files, web services, online support and organization tools  

  • Manage client schedules and set appointments 


Director/Corporate Package - Options vary

  • Create, organize, document or administer policies and procedures 

  • Coordinate benefits and compensation 

  • Assist in training and development materials  

  • Business and event planning  

  • Build employee/employer performance  

  • Facilitate workshops, orientations, and training needs 

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